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Police Update 22nd June

District Inspectors Update 22nd June 


Morning All


Beautiful sunny day yesterday, sadly I didn’t see the sun until I emerged from Llay at gone 4pm, the prospective Sgts did a fantastic job on their practice interviews / briefing exercises and I wish them well for next week.


Before I left I checked to see what was happening with my light fingered friend who was in custody, it appears he has been bailed with conditions that allow us to check him at any time we wish from 10pm – 6am. Just in case he decides to pop out for a snoop, hopefully he’s a light sleeper as I imagine the night shift will pay him some regular visits… shame.


I may have mentioned previously that the officers work a 4 on 4 off, 12hrs shifts pattern, it’s certainly a long day, each of them carrying an average of 15 live investigations as well as what gets picked up throughout the day, they are certainly busy and I can only commend them for their fantastic work ethic, at present Wrexham Town officers have the highest detection rate in the force.


At the time of writing (6am) we have 8 in custody, and 5 incidents pending allocation, you day Sgt is Alys Hanson and what she doesn’t realise yet is we have a surprise visit from Her Majesty Inspector of Constabularies to discuss life in Wrexham station… Alys no pressure but I like my job…. :)


So what’s happened in the last 24hr, well I’m pleased to say no major incidents, however we have had 56 calls for service some examples of our day being highlighted below, some great work ongoing, sadly an assault on an officer to end the day.


09:35hrs - Shoplifting high street – fabric softener stolen by female suspect, sadly likely to be sold on so the offender can purchase drugs. It is a sad reality of most towns / cities across the UK, locally we are looking at way to support these individuals and get them help, but we also take a hard line on prosecution and a court appearance will be inevitable.


10:58hrs – officers attend to a vehicle that has momentarily lost control whilst parking and driven straight through the owners own garage door, through the back wall and into a shed. Thankfully no one is hurt.


11:04hrs – attend to an insecure property with concerns people are accessing it – all in order and arrangements made to secure.


12:10hrs – another shoplifting - staff report that two adults have given items to a child (under 10) and encouraged the same to walk out of the shop thus stealing the items… I’m lost for words… utterly disgraceful, CCTV enquiries ongoing, clear concern for safety of the child concerned. 


Five shopliftings were reported in total yesterday; all items stolen were non-essential items, stolen for profit, officers will review the CCTV and follow up, no respect for retailers and local business, if you are ever offered cheap products please turn them down. 


13:00hrs - notification from national offender’s management that a male has been recalled to prison, details circulated and enquiries ongoing to locate – no risk to public.


14:33hrs – concerned member of the public reports a group of people trying to light a barbeque in a local park, officers attend and advise given.


14:45hrs – Sec59 ASB driving – warning notice issued to rider of motorbike – Archers Way – if he continues it will be seized.


15:28hrs – report of suspicious male trying to sell conifers door to door in a residential area – officers attend - no trees or suspicions men seen…


15:30hrs – elderly male who has taken a fall in a flat pulling his emergency cord, officers attend – all in order.


15:42hrs – concerns for safety – elderly confused male can’t find his wife, officer attend offer comfort and reunite – all in order.


17:42hrs – ASB involving a drone over a residential property, previously warned – no sign of drone on arrival - NPT will monitor.


19:20hrs – panic alarm pressed at OAP property, installed in case of rogue traders etc., officers arrive within 4 minutes from time dispatched – all in order, accidental activation.


00:07hrs – Officers respond to a disorder male in Abbot street, he has assaulted a member of the public, and duly assaults a female officer who attempt to assist – arrested, request made to charge and bail with conditions to not enter Wrexham at night and our licensed venues – totally unacceptable behaviour.


02:24hrs – call from member of the public advising she thinks someone is breaking into a shop – prompt response – area search and three arrests made for burglary.


Officers also had to travel to Gatwick overnight to bring back two males arrested for offences in Wrexham when they were detained trying to flee the country… top result. Can’t do the time, don’t do the crime…


As you can see, quite a lot of our work is none crime based, but it’s all done to help people in our community and I’m overwhelmed by the support show to the officers as they go about their work.


Have a great day all, Stay safe






Inspector Luke Hughes

Wrexham “City” Police Station

Rhosddu Road


LL11 1AU





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