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Police Update 23rd June

Inspectors update 23rd June 


Morning all, another day in paradise.


Quick glance at custody shows that the nightshift haven’t been snoozing or playing cards all night… we currently have 13 staying in our luxury en-suite accommodation, 6 relevant to WX, offences vary from arrest warrants issued by the court, to breach of bail, theft & threats.


I`m pleased to report that the male that assaulted door staff and one of our officers was charged and will be in court in a few weeks, he has bail conditions not to consume alcohol in a public place or enter any licenced premises in the town.


The three suspected burglars from the town centre shop are also on bail and are banned from the town entirely… shame. 


Yesterday was another eventful day with a few incidents of note. But before I get into the detail I wanted address as few urban myths… I fully accept that the public perception is that crime is up and whilst I’m confident it isn’t I also accept that there is a fear of crime causing people to feel that way, to evidence my point I chose a random month in 2021, compared it with the same period in 2010 and then 2005, it shows as follows:-


In August 2021 we recorded 61 incidents of Theft, in 2010 it was 82 and in 2005 it was 134….

In August 2021 we recorded 67 incidents of Criminal Damage in 2010 over the same period 111.

In August 2021 we recorded 18 Burglaries in 2005 it was 40.


So it’s easy to reminisce, thinking life was better “back in the day”  –  in fact it’s called “Rosy Retrospection” it’s a defined psychological phenomena… the truth is that crime is indeed down, at least in Wrexham anyway, in fact probably more than is represented in the current figures as we are now obliged to record far more than ever, but I won’t get into that… not now at least…


So anyway, the last 24hrs hours have been busy 53 calls for service in fact, some (but not all) incidents dealt with are represented below:-


08:52hrs – report of a pedestrian struck by a car, thankfully minor injury.


09:02hrs – domestic report – second call to the address in 24hrs - alternative accommodation sought for one of the residents.


09:06hrs – female arrested for breaching court bail – will be placed before the court today.


10:53hrs – report of male stealing plants from doorway, captured on ring doorbell – officers tasked to review the footage, we had a spree of these offences last year, I knew who it was just could prove it, if you recall we had a male selling plants yesterday.. start of a new series???


11:23hrs – reports of ASB / noise nuisance – problematic tenant causing issues – we are working with the council to address issues at this location, the tenant causing misery for his neighbours, all options currently being considered including a full closure order on the property.


15:20hrs – female stopped driving a vehicle, found to be wanted for a failing to appear in court – will be presented to the court today.


16:15hrs – the two females with the pram strike again, 2 x cases of red bull stolen… that’s clearly non-essential, god known what they will get up to if they drink all that… officers tasked to collate the cctv and circulate on social media for identification.


17:37hrs – teenager detained for stealing vapes – officers attend and will follow up with youth offending team. He’s never come to our attention previously, so let’s try to understand what motivated the theft.


18:11hrs – call to assist three persons accidently locked in a shop…. ? released – never a dull day…


18:23hrs – concern for safety – officer requested to search for a male, when located he is found to be in possession of a small knife, worrying incident – never any risk to the public – male arrested.


18:31hrs – reports of a car stolen with keys… keys taken from a locker…  second time this week!! One was stolen on Friday, but the suspect arrested and is in prison… this offence is almost identical.. very odd. Vehicle believed to have headed out of the force area.


18:49hrs – persistent male shoplifter arrested –– since he first came to police attention in 2006 he has been convicted of over 171 offences… I’ve personally arrested him a number of times…  I`ll monitor the court result, hopefully it will result in a trip to Berwyn… the longer the better.


19:40hrs – fourth missing person / concern report of the day. Female located and taken to hospital which is deemed the safest place for her at this time.


21:23hrs – fifth missing person report.


22:12hrs – officers attend a location near to the railway line and locate the above – great work, matter could have ended in tragedy.


01:39hrs – sixth missing person report, also located safe & well.


02:22hrs – disorder – Abbot street – males separated and CCTV review will be conducted and any public order offences duly dealt with.


I hope you don’t mind but I may have to start condensing my summary, but I hope the above demonstrates that the officers are out and about 24/7. I won’t get into the police visibility debate just yet, but I will in time.


Sgt Alys Hanson is your day Sgt & Sam Cullen nights, in fact most of the police supervisors in Wrexham are female, they ae well represented and do a fantastic job.


Have a great day all, please stay safe and take care.





Inspector Luke Hughes

Wrexham “City” Police Station

Rhosddu Road


LL11 1AU



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