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Theft of a Van in your area!



North Wales Police have received a report of a van being stolen from the Flint area. 

We are encouraging all local residents to consider the following crime prevention advice to reduce the chances of others becoming victims of a similar crime. 


-Physically check that your vehicle doors and windows are closed and locked. 

-Consider purchasing CCTV to cover the area in which your vehicle is kept over night. 

-Consider investing in security lighting for the property to cover entry and exit points.

-Ensure that all sets of keys for the vehicle are kept in a secure location overnight or when the vehicle is unattended. 

-Consider purchasing a steering wheel lock, or a wheel lock for your vehicle. 

-Consider purchasing window alarms and door alarms for your vehicle.

-Consider purchasing an RFID pouch to store all keyless entry keys in. (This will stop them from being cloned). 

-Never keep spare keys on show i.e. in front windows, near front doors or within "Fishing" distance from an entry point. 


If you would like any further information on vehicle safety, please feel free to contact me in Community Alert or email - owen.prentice@northwales.police.uk 


Many thanks, 


Owen - C3987 

"We Dont Buy Crime" 

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