On this page you'll find some of our most frequently asked questions.

What personal information do you require?

To sign up to North Wales Community Alert, you are required to complete a short registration form online. This will help us to tailor your alerts. You will need to register with an email address or if you do not have an email you can register using your telephone number.

Will you share my details with other agencies?

During the registration process and in your 'administration' area you have the opportunity to review and select additional licensed information providers including The Police, Police and Crime Commissioner, Fire & Rescue, Neighbourhood Watch and your Local Authority who will, if authorised by you, be able to see your data and send you messages. Please be aware that not all of the information providers listed are currently active on the system, you will be notified as they come on board. You can remove any information provider at any time.

Will you send me spam?

No, the only communication we will have with you will be via the North Wales Community Alert email and occasional consultation via email.

Can I cancel my alerts / subscription?

You can opt out of North Wales Community Alert at any time or update your settings to configure the types of messages that you want to receive and remove the ones you don't want. Emails from North Wales Community Alert have a link at the bottom to 'change settings.' Simply click on this link to review your settings and update them.

Why do you ask for my telephone and mobile number?

North Wales Community Alert allows us to send messages via email, text or voicemail. It is most cost effective for us to send messages via email, so if you have an email address this will be the default method of communication. However, if there is an urgent message that we need to alert you about we may then send a text or voicemail.

How will I know emails are from North Wales Police?

All North Wales Community Alert messages are sent within the secure Neighbourhood Alert system and are clearly branded as being from North Wales Police.

Can I reply to the email?

Yes, we welcome your comments and thoughts. Clicking on the ‘reply' link within the message will send your reply to the person that sent the message and your local policing team.

Do you read the email replies?

Yes, your local policing team will receive and read all of your emails. Please be aware that sometimes we will not reply if it is simply information you want to pass to us for our attention. Even if you do not hear from us directly then please be assured that everything you send us will be actioned or reviewed.

Do others see my email address?

No, other subscribers will not see any of your details.

Can I forward or print out North Wales Community Alert messages and share it with friends, or is it confidential?

Alerts are not confidential and we welcome the sharing of information. We do advise that you remove any personal details you do not wish to share, such as email addresses. Friends and family can sign up to North Wales Community Alert by visiting www.NorthWalesCommunityAlert.co.uk or www.RhybuddCymunedolGogleddCymru.co.uk for the Welsh language website.

Can I change my contact details if I move house or change my email address?

Yes, use the links at the bottom of the North Wales Community Alert, or visit your account on the North Wales Community Alert website.

Does North Wales Community Alert cost me anything?

No, subscription to North Wales Community Alert is free, no other charges or fees will be incurred.

Is this to replace Neighbourhood Watch?

No, this is not replacing any Neighbourhood Watch scheme. We hope it will complement existing schemes and initiatives. North Wales Community Alert is linked to the national Neighbourhood Watch 'Our Watch' system and will improve the way in which police and Watch schemes are able to communicate with and support each other.

Can I report crime by email?

No, North Wales Community Alert is not intended to receive information to report crimes; you can report a crime by calling 101. In an emergency always dial 999.

Can I use North Wales Community Alert in an emergency?

No, in an emergency you should always dial 999. An emergency is when there is a risk of serious injury, a risk of serious damage to property, where you suspect a crime is in progress or if there is a serious incident which needs immediate police attendance. For non-urgent matters call 101.

Does this replace telephone calls?

No, if you need to speak to North Wales Police, please contact us on 101. In an emergency always dial 999.

Will my data be stored securely?

Yes, North Wales Community Alert is powered by the Neighbourhood Alert system which is accredited to Government security standard: Cyber Essentials Plus. This means the entire system is audited (tested) regularly to ensure all necessary precautions have been taken to keep your data safe. This includes the police vetting of staff, encryption of all data, patching of software and use of Government approved firewalls.