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Attempt Burglary in Bagillt.



North Wales Police have received a report of an attempt burglary in the Bagillt area. 

It was reported that a male has been seen on CCTV climbing onto a roof of a business and tried to gain entry. Whilst trying to gain entry he has been disturbed and made off on foot. 

We are encouraging all local residents to consider the following crime prevention advice to reduce the likely hood of becoming victim of a similar crime. 


-Consider purchasing CCTV for the property which covers all entry and exit points. 

-Consider purchasing security lighting for the property which again covers all entry and exit points. 

-Never leave any garden tools/equipment out in plain site which could aid a criminal in breaking into a property. 

-Never leave any valuables within a property near any windows which may be seen from outside. 

-Consider marking valuables with SmartWater. This is a forensic marking liquid which allows all marked property to be traced back to the owner should it be stolen and found again. North Wales Police currently have a discount code for North Wales residents taking the cost from £59.50 down to £25. If you would like the discount code then email wedontbuycrime@northwales.police.uk with your name and address. 


If you would like any further home/business security advice then you can contact me on Community Alert or email - owen.prentice@northwales.police.uk 


Many thanks, 


Owen - C3987 

"We Dont Buy Crime" 

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