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If you have property you love - log it!

Do you own property that you love?

Do you want to protect it or increase the chances of it being returned to you if it is stolen and recovered, or sold to a second hand retailer?

Every year property is stolen by criminals but often the owners are unable to identify  or recall what the make / model is etc.  What's worse is recovering property that we know is stolen but having to return it to thieves as we can't prove who owns it.

We have joined forces with “immobilise” a national property database where you can log your items for free.

Why not have a family “immobilise day” where you can put one person in charge of logging the items when other family members can bring their items for listing? Perfect for those wet and windy weekends!

What's more, for items such as jewellery / bikes and tools you can take pictures as well and upload them.  Making sure you take pictures of any distinctive marks they may have, that scrape on the handlebars when you fell off etc!

Police forces and second hand retailers across the UK have access to this database to check property that they come across (I literally checked a phone this afternoon and found a marker on it!)

So if you love it log it! Oh and you can also record property you may have had stolen if you perhaps still have the packaging for it with the serial number on it.

Check out the website and watch the video for a better explanation of how it works;

The National Property Register, for Phones, Gadgets, Bicycles & More... (immobilise.com)


Best wishes  



PS, may not help you to find your keys if you've put them in the fridge though!


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